Beas Kund Trek

A popular destination for trekkers, Beas kund trek also known as mountains of Beas River. Beas River originates from Himalayas and ultimately becomes part of Indus River. This region is so rich in natural beauty that it makes the trekkers fall in love with its serenity. It’s a place to experience splendor of beautiful peaks, hospitality by locals, charming plains and cascading waters.

We must take adventures
to know, where we truly belong.

- Erma Bombeck

Manali Valley’s prominent attraction, Beas Kund has a backdrop of other peaks, such as Shitidhar Peak, Friendship Peak etc. as well. We will also get to see Solang Ropeway point on the way to Beas Kund. Dhundhi, a skiing spot, is still an uncharted land that leads to Bakerthach which is a preferred camping site.


Day 1

the day will start with arrival at Manali, followed by breakfast. The trekkers will then take a jeep ride to Gulaba, starting point of the trek. From there they will trek to Rohilkohli, a 4-5 hours journey. At Rohilkohli an overnight camp is arranged.

Day 2

trek to Panduropa will start via Bhrigu lake. It will take around 5-6 hours. The trekkers will stay in tents for the night at Panduropa

Day 3

A downward trek will start to Vashisth and will take around 3-4 hours, where you can take hot water bath. From there we will move to Naggar in a Jeep followed by overnight stay at Rumsu Home stay.

Day 4

the trekker will take a jeep ride from Naggar to Solang Ropeway Point and then trek to Dhundi. An overnight stay at Dhundi will be arranged for the trekkers.

Day 5

morning will start with a trek to Bakerthach, a 3 hour journey. After having lunch at bakerthach the trekkers will start the trek to Beas Kund, which will take another 3 hours. An overnight stay in the tents at Bakerthach is planned.

Day 6

A downward trek from Bakerthach will start to reach Solang Ropeway Point which will take 5-6 hours. From there trekkers will move to Naggar in a jeep. Trekkers will have an overnight stay at a Home stay.

Day 7

Departure from Naggar with beautiful memories etched in our minds.