Explore India Tour

India - an enchanting land of mystic and old world charm. Considered as world’s one of the oldest civilizations, India is known for its ancient scriptures, incredibly beautiful temples and vibrant cultural life. From marvelous Himalayas in the north to amazing back water and spicy and aromatic curries of south, from stunning sand dunes of Thar in the west to sublime beauty of east, India is as diverse and colourful as it comes.

The world is a book
and those who do not travel read only one page.

- St. Agustine

India is a land of unity in diversity and amalgamation of all the cultures growing together. It is also full of surprises, from pristine clear beaches to livestock being considered as god, stunning handwork on clothes and sculpture to impressive space mission, India is growing as one of the most promising economies. India is also thought of as a land of spirituality and yoga and it offers a lot of positive lifestyle changes as prescribed in Ayurveda .
Join us on this mesmerizing explore India tour that would take you to one of the seven wonders of world and testimony to endless love- ‘Taj Mahal’, Golden Temple in Amritsar – a central religious place of Sikhs, hiking and staying with natives of Shimla, monasteries and Tibet - home to spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, overnight camel safari of Rajasthan, prominent temples, caves, forts and beaches of India. This 26 day awe-inspiring, explore India tour will begin from Delhi and the last stop would be Goa.


Day 1

India Gate, Delhi

Arrival at Indira Gandhi International airport New Delhi. You will be assisted and will be taken to the hotel. Our representative will have a placard of your name outside the exit gate, please look for it. The day is free to rest. Stay the night at a Hotel in Delhi.

Day 2

Srojini Nagar Market, Delhi

Breakfast with tour briefing, market visit, if you have missed any basic items for travel, you could pick them here. It will be an overnight train journey to Amritsar which will take about 10 hours.

Day 3

Golden Temple, Amritsar

Amritsar is a holy city in Punjab. Today you will be sightseeing the city and will be visiting the most famous and holiest Gurudwara, the Golden temple. You could get a chance to help in the kitchen that offers free food to thousands of visitors’ every day, known as the ‘Guru ka Langar’. Dinner will be at the temple. We will be staying the night at a Hotel in Amritsar.

Day 4

A view of the jalianwala bagh, Amritsar

after breakfast we will visit the Ram Bagh, a beautiful garden named after the founder of the city and Jallian Wala Bagh memorial site. We will be staying the night at a Hotel in Amritsar.

Day 5

Dalai Lama Temple

After breakfast, we will start for Dharamshala, a Spiritual hillside town and home to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Journey time will be of about 6 hours by bus. The evening is free for a leisurely walk to the Tibetan market and a local dinner. We will be staying the night at a Hotel in Mcleodganj which is located on top of the hill.

Day 6

Norbulingka Monastry

Today we will be taking a nice walk of about 1.5 km to visit The Dalai Lama temple and then to the waterfall. The evening will be free for shopping. Stay the night at a Hotel in Mcleodganj.

Day 7

Kangra fort, Kangra

Sightseeing around the Kangra district about 20 km from Dharamshala. We will be visiting the ruins of historical Kangra fort, by car, which was the oldest and largest fort in Himachal Pradesh, dated 1009 A.D. and you can also watch a beautiful view of the town from the top of the fort. The Norbulingka institution is an interesting campus dedicated to the preservation of Tibetan arts and culture. Thus creating the self-sustaining community and also provides the opportunity to learn Tibetan traditional art. After an evening cup of tea, we will be travelling to Shimla. The journey will be of about 6 hours by night bus.

Day 8

Christ Church, Shimla

Shimla city is the summer capital of British India located in Himachal Pradesh. It is also called as the ‘Queen of Hills’. Shimla is surrounded by pine, deodar, oak and rhododendron forests. Today you will be taking a pleasant walk to visit the Indian Institute of advanced study, a historical site, registered in 1964 with the primary objective 'to provide an environment suitable for academic research' in the humanities, and the social and natural sciences. The present vision of the Institute aims at 'providing opportunities for such meeting of minds and commerce of ideas as are likely to extend our horizons of knowledge and wisdom and add new dimensions to our life and thought' in the words of Professor Niharranjan Ray. We will be staying the night at YMCA, Shimla with a beautiful view of the city.

Day 9

Sanjauli, shimla.

2 days short trek in the hills It will be an early morning start with a hot cup of tea to energize for the Shali heights trek. We will be staying the night at a village homestay with the local family- to experience the local way of life and food in the gorgeous valley.

Day 10

Shali peak

Continuation of the hike to Shali peak (3100 m) and drive down to the valley. Today will be a nice hike up to the Shali peak for the breathtaking view from the hill and the fresh stream, leaving you in bliss at the end of the day. We will be having some homemade delicious food for dinner and stay the night at the homestay.

Day 11

Jakhoo, Shimla

We will visit the famous Jakhoo temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman (Monkey God) situated at the top of Jakhoo hill and the local market. The evening is free to explore the area. We will be travelling to Delhi in the night by bus. The journey will be of about 10 hours.

Day 12

Lotus Temple, Delhi

New Delhi is the Capital of India After breakfast, the day will be spent visiting the museum, and India gate. To experience the local flavour of Delhi we will be travelling by famous Delhi hand motor rickshaw (tuk-tuk). We will be staying at a Hotel in Delhi for the night.

Day 13

Taj Mahal, Agra

Transfer to Agra, about 4 hours journey by train. We will be visiting the historical sight, wonder of the world, the marvellous monument of love, The Taj Mahal. We will start for Udaipur, an overnight journey by train with about 12 hours’ journey time

Day 14

Udaipur Fort, Rajasthan

Udaipur, a city located in Rajasthan, known as the white city. It is also known as the city of lakes, enclosed by palaces, rich heritage and culture of the city. After resting during the day, we will visit city palace and enjoy a traditional evening dance show. We will be staying the night at a Hotel in Udaipur.

Day 15

Monsoon Palace, Udaipur

we will be visiting few other sights of the city such as ropeway, and monsoon palace for a beautiful sunset view. We will be staying the night at a Hotel in Udaipur.

Day 16

Jaisalmer Fort, Rajasthan

Free day to relax and travel in the night by bus to Jaisalmer. The journey time is about 10 hours. Jaisalmer is also known as the Golden city, as the whole city is in sand gold colour. It is also known for its magnificent havelis (traditional mansions) with intricate beautiful carving work by artisans.

Day 17

Desert Safari, Jaisalmer

We will visit the fort and in the evening we will be enjoying the amazing experience of the desert safari, riding on the camels to the interior of the great Thar Desert. We will call it a night in the desert under the magnificent sky.

Day 18


It is a day to relax and then we will begin our journey to Mumbai in the night, by train that would take around 17 hours.

Day 19

Night View, Mumbai

Time to refresh and get some good rest after the long journey. Mumbai is one of the well-known densely populated cities in India known for being a trade and business hub. It is also known across the globe for its Bollywood film industry. On its harbour front stands the Gateway of India built in 1924. We will be staying the night at a Hotel in Mumbai.

Day 20

marine drive, Mumbai

We will be visiting the beautiful sights of the busy city- museum, marine drive etc. We will be staying the night at a Hotel in Mumbai.

Day 21

Elephanta Caves, Mumbai

You will spend this day visiting nearby ancient Elephanta Island with cave temples. The evening travel to Goa by night bus will be arranged and journey time is of about 12 hours.

Day 22

Beach View, Goa

Free day. This day would be ideal to relax. Goa is a city popular for its beaches. It is located along the shoreline of Arabian Sea. It has been a long time colony of Portuguese and its influence can be seen in Goa's food culture and structure of the houses. You will get to see many more beautiful structures around the city and also the 17th Century Churches. We will be staying the night at a beach hut, Goa.

Day 23

Aguada Light House, Goa

Enjoy the day at a leisure pace and visit some truly amazing sights of Goa. We will be staying the night at a beach hut, Goa.

Day 24

Beach, Goa

End of tour and departure to your next destination or back home with the beautiful memories of India.